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Pool Table Lights Guide: How To Light Up Your Game
By Richard Aubin
The proper lights is critical to playing your best game of pool. The ideal light fixture is attractive, unobtrusive, and provides just enough illumination without creating a glare. Choosing the right lights for your home need not be difficult. Just keep a few points in mind.

The Best Lights for the Job

The most effective lights cover the entire length of the table. Measure your before you start shopping. The majority of lights fixtures available have multiple globes in order to direct several points of light at the table, usually two, three, or four globes. Multiple globes on your lights fixture also help to eliminate any glare. Some fixtures contain multiple globes within one larger fixture.

Traditional vs. Contemporary Lights

Pool table lights come in a wide variety of styles and finishes. Traditional, Victorian, Tiffany-style lights are popular lights. These fixtures, modeled after designs by the famous glass artist, Louis Comfort Tiffany, are made of small panes of glass joined with lead piping. These colorful glass pieces are put together to form all manner of designs, logos, and slogans.

Tiffany-style lights are available in one long shade with several bulbs inside the globe or in multiple shades along a single, metal bar. They may be elaborate, multi-color showpieces or relatively simple, one-color lights fixtures.

Other traditional fixtures of lights come in black or brown wrought-iron fixture with alabaster glass shades. Most often the lights fixture is crafted into a scrolled design with multiple glass shades. This style of light fixture is also widely available in bronze, brushed pewter, and brass finishes. lights made from ooden fixtures, too, can lend a warm and homey touch to your poolroom.

Contemporary lights can give your room a clean, sleek, modern look. Bar lights in chrome and brass with simple, smoked glass shades can create such a look. Some light fixtures insert a vibrant ______continued.

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Pool Table Etiquette
By Josephine Thunder
Playing pool in a public pool hall is different from playing pool in the privacy of your home billiard room or playing online pool in front of your PC. Read more...

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continued______ touch by adding green, red, and blue colored glass shades.

Something a Little Different

Customize your lights by adding a college or professional sports logo. Tiffany-style lights often incorporate the logo into the glass motif whereas solid glass shades can be etched with your favorite team’s logo. Cheer on the “Fighting Irish” of Notre Dame, the Colorado “Avalanche” Hockey team, or the New England “Patriots” right from your recreation room.

Military logos are also popular designs for lights. The Marine Corps, Navy, Army, and Air Force insignia are all available, both in Tiffany lights and in solid etched glass shades. Also consider “Jack Daniels” logo lights or perhaps one with the “Harley Davidson” logo.

The Technical Stuff

Installing your lights should be relatively easy for the weekend home remodeler. There must be a secure place onto which to mount your light fixture and that it has its own separate electrical box. As with any electrical project, turn off the electrical current before you start working on mounting your lights.

The correct light bulbs go a long way to ensuring your lights fixture is safe as well as creating the right mood. 60-watt bulbs are recommended although some of the lights with multiple shades might look better with 40-watt bulbs instead.

Where to Shop

The Internet has made shopping for lights much easier. A typical search yields hundreds of online retailers of lights. Browse through thousands of lights, right in the privacy of your home. Many Web merchants even offer free shipping and live online customer service. Expect to pay from $150 for simple bar lights to over $1000 for an elaborate Tiffany-style light fixture.

The right lights can give your poolroom that ambiance of casual elegance or rustic charm that you desire as well as providing the lighting necessary to play your best game of pool. Shop carefully; consider all your options, and you’ll enjoy your lights fixture for many years to come.
Richard Aubin runs and maintains the Kicking And Banking Secrets website. You'll find free video previews and information on a complete home study course for diamond systems mastery. Visit the pool diamond system website for more details.

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Your Table Is A Pool Table
By john
Pocket Billiards tables, sometimes simply called pool tables, are great for an evening out with friends and an exciting new hobby for amateur fans. If you have long been searching for your next Read more...

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